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Images in this folder have a matte-like border around the photo so it can be framed as-is. There is usually an image title or location printed somewhere on the border.

Individual image prints can be ordered directly through this website by selecting an image and clicking on the "Add to Cart" link.

If you find an image in another gallery that is not already in a poster format but you would prefer it that way, just send me an email and I will add it to this gallery.

Jim [ [email protected] ]
Foggy Tunnel ViewEl Capitan MeadowStoneman Meadow AspenCamellia Bench 5187YosemiteEvergreen El Capitan MeadowEl Capitan Meadow EastStoneman Meadow FogThe AhwahneeYosemite ChapelEl Capitan from Valley ViewSummer Storm 1Summer Storm 1Exploring Mesquite Flat DunesAgeless WonderHilton HotelForest Lawn MarkersForest Lawn VisitVasquez RocksLower Cliff Dwelling